Video Streaming Market to Significant Growth Foreseen by 2027

Video streaming technology is a type of streaming technology that helps in delivering video based content through internet to millions of internet users.

Video Streaming market is one of the significantly increasing market. The market for video streaming is increasing due to rising adoption of smart devices such as smart phones, smart TVs and other that can enables digital media to customers for accessing the media content of their choice related to information, entertainment and social activities.

Video streaming technology is a type of streaming technology that helps in delivering video based content through internet to millions of internet users. This Video Streaming technology is increasingly being adopted due to deployment of broadband networks in large number and development of efficient audio and video compression techniques. Video streaming can be of two types; on-demand Video Streaming and programmed video streaming. In on-demand video streaming type viewer can play video content at any point of time while in programmed Video Streaming, a channel is launched for viewers to watch video content on scheduled timing.

Video Streaming Market: Drivers and Challenges

The major factor driving the adoption of Video Streaming is the increasing number of digital media players such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple and others. With the tremendous growth in these digital Video Streaming players, the adoption and demand of video streaming has augmented as people have started spending more hours on mobile phones than TV sets. Another driving factor in this video streaming market is the increased usage of smart devices among all age group of people. Individuals are using smart devices such as smart phones and smart TVs for Video Streaming and browsing internet.

The key challenge for Video Streaming market is the high charges of these websites for watching videos online and for downloading them. This is restricting the growth of video streaming market in developing and countries with less number of players available in video streaming market. Moreover, video streaming technology requires high internet speed such as 4G for streaming real time video content. However, 3G and 4G technology is available in few countries, so other countries without advance telecommunication technologies cannot use it.

Video Streaming Market: Segmentation

Segmentation on the basis of Types:

Video Streaming market can be segmented on the basis of major two types provided by vendors in Video Streaming market

On-Demand Video Streaming

Programmed Video Streaming

Segmentation on the basis of Components

Video Streaming market can also be segmented on the basis of components through which revenue is genetrated

Software Platform

Video Streaming Services

Segmentation on the basis of Deployment

Video Streaming market can be segmented on the basis of deployment mode of these Video Streaming content being provided to customer



Competition Landscape

Key Contracts:

In May 2017, Twitter has entered in to the partnership with 16 new streaming companies such as BuzzFeed, Vox Media, Viacom, the WNBA, and the PGA. This partnership will help Twitter to increase its customers for live Video Streaming.

In May 2017, Soliton System, a Japan based Technology Company and mobile video streaming solution provider has entered into the partnership with Milestone Systems for video surveillance solutions. The partnership will help Soliton Systems in implement video surveillance solutions managed and can include continued or selective video streaming that can be event or alarm based, maps of locations, and securing video for law enforcement and for storing for evidence.

Key Players in Video Streaming Market

In Video Streaming market there are many solution providers some of them are Google, Netflix, Haivision, Polycom, and IBM Corporation and others.

Regional Overview

Presently, North America and Europe is holding the largest market share for Video Streaming market due to presence of large Video Streaming market players in these region. Moreover the rising video quality and declining of traditional TV systems is increasing the market opportunity in these region for Video Streaming. Asia –Pacific is also increasingly adopting video streaming technologies with the entry of major & established players such as Netflix and others.


Source: Future Market Insights 

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