Goldgates Media Productions Company is unequivocally determined to tackle various challenges faced by individuals, corporate and faith based organizations, private and public place of activities. We are tested and proven company of great repute with professionalism, honesty, integrity and passion for excellence as our core values.

With almost two decades of experience in audio, video and general media production and ICT related services, efficient service delivery and consistency in maintaining growth and standards has been our focus and driving passion. With our local and internal collaborations with professionals, manufacturers and dealers in the audio, video, multimedia and ICT industry, we remain the next way out of your several searches and industry concerns.

Our passion for professionalism is our core driver for solution oriented perspectives we engage in all our projects no matter the size.

Why choose us

We Exceed Expectations

While we engage customers perspective of needed solutions, our exceptional project oucome always exceed the expectations of our clients.

Experienced Team

We have a carefully selected team of well experienced professionals, technicians, and administrators who have decades of impeccable solution outcomes to their credit. 

Excellent Service Delivery

Our result oriented project dynamics is consistently driven by science of efficient customer care are impeccable service delivery size of project notwithstanding.

Global Trend Awareness

Every project has a mark of global competitive awareness to it as we strive to bring our wealth of understanding of the current trends and innivation in the various field we serve.

Trusted Brand Tie-ups

Our assurance of quality products and services is authentically backed by both local and internationally acclaimed brands in every aspect of our technical proficiency.

We Solve Problems

We don’t back down on challenges experiened  in the course of commitment to provide answers to every question sought by our clients. We are simply solution providers.

Our Capacity

Goldgates Media Productions has a passionate team of professionals and partners in the various field of interest. We have the capacity to deliver exceptionally outstanding solutions. We are motivated by our integrity to deliver services that can stand the test of time and compete favourably with its competitors.

The Company is aimed at delivering world class products and services with the assurance of quality and standards through our direct access to reputable companies and manufacturers of media, broadcast, acoustics, audio-visual, multimedia and ICT equipment.

Some of the reputable brands we deal with for delivery of industry standard products and services are: Peavey Electronics, Electro-voice (EV), Eastern Acoustics Works, Meyer Sound, JBL, Shure Corporation, Sony. Panasonic, LG, JVC, Canon, Pinnacle and many more.

We know our clients’ brands inside and out to create bespoke campaigns that bring the brand story to life, engage with consumers and inspire the media.

Our experience

Live Event Productions 95%
Audio and Video Installations 95%
Online Marketing and Presence 90%
ICT/Electronic Security 98%

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