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Video Productions

Beyond the basic expectation of providing event images at both live and post event production, the level of professional expertise that characterize our services enhance the value of such events. We go a step further to complement the established high quality audio production at every event we handle.

Our production capacity includes state-of-the-art digital cameras, live event production and management facilities, pre and post production equipment. We have well trained and professional workforce that can deliver industry standard video production. Your event will not experience any form of failure or interruptions.

For your event to achieve the desired expectation we seek to first get your perspective of an ideal or successful event and we move along that strategic dynamic path to deliver a production that will surpass your expectation and demand. Even without a strategic plan from you, we will deliver a compelling production that will meet the expectation of your audience and also help you retain the memory for the future.

Goldgates Media Production exhibits artistry competence in enhancing the value of events even beyond post production. Understandably, for the purpose of rebroadcast, recorded events are archived, redistributed or shared on various relevant medium to keep the memory of the event post production. Recorded event can be further produced in various media format relevant for the platform they are to be redistributed.

Our content digitization service can help preserve the captured memories in various older formats by recreating them in today’s media format that can further enhance their values and relevance.

We have new and current industry standard enrolment to execute any class of video production event. Our post production facilities are matched with experienced and professional staff capacity that can bring sparks out of every production. 


Production scope

  • Orientation and training presentations
  • Corporate brand and video brochures
  • Sales presentation and Product demonstrations
  • Corporate web video

We handle both analogue and digital recordings and conversions on various media formats. Content transfers and editing on various formats such as wave, mp3, mp4, mp6 and video productions on CDs, VCDs, DVD and Bluray discs are also handled.

  • Disk mass production, printing and labeling
  • Format conversion from VHS to DVD
  • Digital DVD Mastering and duplication
  • DVD menu creation
  • Web-based and online video
  • Digital signage
  • HD video production for broadcast and TV commercials
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Our in-studio productions and live performances have taken a more professional leap forward after engaging Goldgates Media as our production consultants.

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