GoTrack™ Fleet Monitoring


GoTrack™ Fleet Monitoring


As an organization with so much mobility and fleet of operational vehicles, officers and staff constantly require movements from one point to another on project inspections and commissioning. The safety of the officers and staff should be paramount. A proactive need for effective enhancement of your mobility and journey movement system is essential. It is of great importance for the commission to keep track on all staff movements, locations and journeys electronically with state-of-the-art tracking system.

Our GoTrackTM Fleet Tracking Solution is the right system to keep the mobility of operations safe and secured. This solution guarantees the security and awareness of the operational vehicle on track thereby ensuring the safety and security of the occupants. The situational awareness of happenings in and around the vehicles are at the fingertips of designated officers to keep a handle on the location and operational status of the vehicles and the occupants.

The tracking system is built with embedded intelligence for enhanced vehicle tracking features, security and monitoring. The devices are ideal for both personal/private cars, small fleet owners, vehicle finance and insurance companies and large fleet managements operations like yours. The system is designed for all vehicles running on 12v battery power functionality.


GoTrackTM Features

Embedded Intelligence

Runs a uniquely smart embedded firmware that comes with the famous TLD Landmark mapping standard and with a range of exceptional user-defined checkpoint alarms. This can operate both online and without internet which allows for critical alarms to be real-time even in limited environments.

Smart Fleet Management

The SFM module keeps track on the vehicle maintenance schedules with GoTrackTM Odometer monitoring. All reports can be compiled by vehicle into visual vehicle usage statistics with total trips, distance traveled, average speeds and many more.

Monitor Driving Habits and Reduce Fuel Costs

It detects idling engines, speeding and other fuel consuming driving habits.

Detect Misuse, Unauthorized Trips and Theft

As part of the solution’s advanced security functionalities, it has wide range of real-time alarms such as motion sensor, speeding, ignition sensing and idle alarms.

It also has as part of its Zone Alarms functionalities: Checkpoint alarm, embedded and server-based geofences with up to 1,000 user-defined zones.

GoTrackTM Key Features Summary

    1. Geofencing to detect unauthorized vehicle use/detours
    2. Periodic reporting based on time or distance
    3. Power reporting to detect disconnection or bad vehicle battery
    4. Idle alarm to detect running engines
    5. Motion detection to secure parked vehicles and unguarded assets.
    6. GPS anti-jammingfeatures
    7. External SOS button to send out vehicle location.
    8. Accurate GPS positioning with GPRS & GSM communication.
    9. Ignition detection and disabling
    10. Landmark data for easy location
    11. Speed reporting


GoTrackTM Management/Monitoring

GoTrackTMcan be set to send critical messages from the vehicles tracked via SMS directly to a predefined mobile phone number. This application is perfect for vehicle security.

The Fleet Enterprise has the multi-server self-hosting platform for extended security on large fleet and those who require additional layer of security without any foreign hosting in their fleet management.

The Fleet Pro is a web-based, cloud hosted fleet management, vehicle and asset tracking software system. It is supported by several third party fleet management software.

Deployment Strategy

The GoTrackTM monitoring station will be established with a subscription based licensed software in the organization and will be supported by a 24hour support service from our professional support team for seamless operations.

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