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Smart Home Solutions


When it comes to giving your home the reliable, convenient and efficient automation you desire, there are a range of considerations for various products and appliances.

A smart home involves the installation or integration of various featured solutions in your home that control the TVs, music, media, lighting, climate, security and appliances or devices.

Music: allows you to play music in different parts of your home via the use of array of Artificial Intelligence enabled devices. You can stream music at any part of the home from a cloud service or installed media server in the home. The AI system can even determine which music sooths your part of the home and plays it.

Lighting: Smart lighting makes use of smart LED bulbs that controls the illumination and colour choices that sooths your mood at various parts of the home. Smart bulbs connects to your home via installed internal Wi-Fi or Bluetooth system.

Lights can be turned on with the use of voice command or you can have them scheduled to come on or off at specific times of your choice whether you’re home or out of the home with the use of your smart phone. Your lights can also come on when you arrive or leave your home daily on their own via the use of geo-fencing calibration system.  

Climate: The use of thermostat to control the temperature of your home though the use of AI system. You could integrate the use of smart sensors that senses and determines the suitable temperature of any part of your home.

Smart Security

Smart Security can be incorporated into the security architecture of the home. It involves the use of installed security devices that do not just keep record of happenings in the home but also deter would-be criminals from carrying out their nefarious acts. It should also be able to interact with you, intruders or any law enforcement agents in your community. This is possible through the use of smart cameras, sensors, door and window sensors, smart door locks smoke, water leak and carbon monoxide detectors.

The importance of security protections in the homes cannot be overemphasized. The coverage of the immediate perimeters, the courtyards, the entrances and exits, lobbies, living and guest sitting areas will ensure the security of occupants and guests at each of the apartment blocks. This protection system can be either private or jointly managed by the security architecture of the estates.

Children and wards left in the homes, aged adults and even domestic service personnel can be duly monitored via a 24/7 CCTV security system. The footages can be monitored from any part of the world from any internet enabled mobile device.

Appliances and Accessories

These are through the use of smart switches and accessories that can be used to control your appliances like fridges, stoves, washing machines, smart blinds, robotic vacuum cleaners etc.

Smart home devices, systems and products can make life a lot easier by doing those seemingly mundane things like turning on and off your lights and appliances, controlling your home temperatures etc.

    1. Base Management Unit
    2. Smart Centralized Media
    3. Smart Light
    4. Controlled Temperature
    5. 24hours Smart Security
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