Pipeline Protection

pipeline protection system

Pipeline Protection


The peculiarities of the risk associated with operations in the Oil and gas industry and the imminent loss of downtime and revenue necessitated the need to protect the personnel and pipelines from theft and leakages associated with vandalism. The environmental consequences of the impact of oil theft and economic sabotage is costly not must on the locals but also on the nation’s revenue earnings.

We bring various pipeline protection solutions from some of the world’s best in the field of  oil and gas pipeline security system. Our solutions and system makes the detection of potential threats or risks associated with the pipelines and the environment an effective one. The system has the capacity to alert the operations and maintenance engineers to take swift actions in preventing the damage and losses caused by theft or vandalism.

The system used in the protection of this key infrastructure and the entire activities surrounding it ranges from various intelligent surveillance system and devices. It’s usually a combination of artificial intelligence based surveillance devices like manned and unmanned ground and seismic sensors and hydrophones, detectors and specialized closed circuit cameras (CCTV). The integrated approach to our solutions brings the enhanced productivity of the installed systems as they form a mesh of holistic monitoring and security protection system with no details out of sight.

The pipeline security solution offers a reliable mitigation against perceived and actual threats through the effective detection of potential attacks. Key infrastructure and personnel are assured of effective security from harms and hurts in any location of deployment, it can also adequately and accurately protect the pipeline perimeter.

The system’s capability of operating with Remote Monitoring and Management system makes it possible for personnel to remotely control, monitor and manage the infrastructure and its surroundings. Any vandalism attempt of diggings, illegal tapping or tempering attempts to steal ancillary equipment or the fluid flowing in the pipeline facilities can be easily seen and dealt with by the security.

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