Audio Productions

The hallmark of audio production is intelligibility mastered by artistic craftsmanship. Anything less than this, is share burden and disturbance. The business of audio production is encapsulated in skillful deployment of technological solutions to capture the attention of your target audience.

When technology finds its way to the hands of technologically skillful practitioners, the value and capacity of such solution in enhanced.

If you are able to create something of value, people will obviously listen. At Goldgates Media Productions, this is our primary goal and cornerstone of our business. With our team of experienced sound and audio production engineers and technicians, we have demonstrated high level of capacity and proficiency in bringing value into every production.

Over the years, we have consistently exhibited professional artistry competence in every production project. We will help project your information and messages to your target audience and the experience will leave a long lasting impression in the memories of your target audience or subjects. We will simply display our wealth of creativity in effective design, set up and deployment of audio production solution.

Every event organizer looks forward to a wow experience at the end of the day. We aim at helping to achieve this through our touch of class and artistry prowess in effective sound reinforcement designs, lighting and audio and video production services that’s capable of leaving a lasting impression in the memories of both the organizers and the participants.

Beyond our vast expertise of audio, video, multimedia and broadcast productions, we set out to make every experience ride on dynamism for peculiar technological innovation.

Our professional competence spans the extensive scope of simple low budget in-studio digital audio production, high level outdoor live event production arenas and a permanent sound installation in house of worship, conference Halls, theatres, amphitheaters, clubs, concert halls, permanent outdoor recreational sites etc. Goldgates Media Productions is your one-stop source for professional high quality and memorable audio production.

We specialize in the following aspects of audio productions

  • Meetings and seminars
  • Concerts and musical shows
  • Training and symposium
  • Awards events
  • Public Enlightenment events
  • Radio commercials
  • TV commercials and video presentation Soundtracks
  • Online media advertising
  • Podcasts and webinars
  • Studio Recordings
  • Location Recordings
  • Concerts and Musical Shows
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Our in-studio productions and live performances have taken a more professional leap forward after engaging Goldgates Media as our production consultants.

David Grants
Lead Minister, Recording Artiste

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