Perimeter Protection

perimeter protection system

Perimeter Protection


The growing awareness of security systems globally has placed commensurate responsibility on security industry designers, manufactures and integrators to raise the standard for Perimeter Protection System. The trend has surpassed the conventional to more sophisticated and advanced mode of securing persons, properties and public utilities and infrastructures. To fully appreciate the advancement, the system should be capable of providing 24-hours surveillance.

As a security company with in-depth expertise in proffering site-specific solution, our integration approach to solving problems makes our services to be the preferred. A holistic look at the security need will determine the best approach to providing a number of integrated solutions that will establish technological synergy.

Quite a number of Perimeter Protection Solutions have been designed, tested and deployed at various sites for specific protection needs. While we utilize the bests of the industry’s protection systems, we have exclusive rights to various designs that meet the expectations of our clients from the basic to the complex scenarios.

A number of tools are available to help detect potential intruders at any time of the day or season. Often different technologies are being combined to create a secure perimeter. Fences can be complemented with Closed-Circuit  Television (CCTV )  systems with  or without active  infrared  illumination or old fashioned light bulbs, Radio Frequency Intruder  Detection (RAFID)  systems,  thermal imaging  cameras and/or walking patrols.

Whatever solution or technology chosen for securing facilities, our clients are always assured of the enormous advantages and derived benefits of living or working in a secured and relaxed atmosphere.

While fences form a strong line of defense against intruders, they are far from infallible. We have additional level of security using fiber optic cable and the latest in integrated IT solutions technology. By strategically running fiber optic cable along a chain link fence, any vibration or disturbance will generate an alarm from the main sensing controller. That alarm will determine the location of the breach and point out the location a map in the associated command center. The alarm will determine the location within 25 meters and even has the capability of training video cameras on the site, turning lights on along the effected zone, or activating other non-lethal deterrent devices.

Our system can be designed for smaller zone coverage or long fence lines depending on the requirements of the site. The typical sample design includes the sensing controller, the control software and the integrated video surveillance application. It also includes the computer hardware necessary to monitor the system.

The Sensing Controller is the heart of the system. One sensing controller can control a fence line that stretches 50 miles. Systems can be tied together to form an effective security solution for hundreds of miles of fence line.

    1. Electric Fencing System
    2. Enhanced CCTV Integrated Fencing System
    3. Motion Detection System
    4. Optical Fibre Protection System
    5. Unmanned Ground Sensor System
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