Access Control System

Access control system

Access Control System


Full height turnstile scanning equipment can be deployed to meet specific security applications where the safety and security of metal detection is required. The fully integrated system combines aesthetic appeal with real control for installations demanding accurate and efficient monitoring of persons carrying metal objects. Electrically controlled in one or both directions, the turnstile is capable of interfacing with any type of card access or biometric system.

It is especially well suited for airports, schools, precious metals factories, courthouses, prisons and military bases and is equipped with 2 key-operated modes of operation. The first allows authorized users free passage through the turnstile unless a metal object is detected.

When notified by the integrated metal detector, the turnstile locks and bars passage until the violation is resolved by security personnel. The second mode integrates an access control system into the turnstile and allows one at a time entry to authorized users through the access control system. If an alarm condition occurs, the access control reader is shunted and the turnstile remains locked, barring entry until the violation is investigated and cleared.

Our other access control solution includes the use various barriers, gadgets and installations which includes Cellular mobile jamming devices, biometric and card access control system. High powered bollards of various aesthetic models can be installed for restriction of both vehicular and human traffic. Bollards come in different applications; rigid immovable installations and motorized heavy duty displaced types.

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