Cyber Security Solutions


Cyber Security Solutions



As we evolve with newer technology and facilities, security becomes a key factor to be considered. Banking is one critical area where technology plays key role yet security becomes the key to unlock the benefits of technology. And, Security in mobility is the top of the order priority. Transactional Authentication System will let you secure your mobile transactions, in a user-friendlier way.

Transactional Authentication System is a real-time Transaction Authentication using Biometric Technology. This system protects all customers of the bank, corporations and financial institutions involved in online, remote transactions such as,

    1. Phone IVR Banking
    2. ATM Banking
    3. Mobile phone / Internet Banking – using Desktop, Laptop, Notebooks, Tablets
    4. Internet purchases
    5. Credit Card / Debit Card transactions
    6. Point of Sale

This system features quick deployment without need for additional infrastructure investments.


    1. Ensure end-users are protected from fraudulent online transactions (payments, etc.).
    2. Facilitates elimination of annual budgetary provision for the settlement of claims by customers for fraudulent online transactions.
    3. Improving credibility and reputation in the industry and resulting in increased trust by the public and community.
    4. Eliminating loss of customers due to fraudulent transactions.
    5. Provides strict Regulatory Compliance respect to Internet Security.


    1. Eliminates unauthorized transactions entirely
    2. Reducing the liability risks and costs
    3. Quick implementation and enables quick adoption – current process flows are not changed.
    4. Improves Customer’s Satisfaction.
    5. Improves credibility and public perception.
    6. Contributing to increasing the National Entity rating.
    7. Industry security standards compliance and more…



Accurate Identification without compromise

Biometrics Technology is a sophisticated identification system that employs combination of biometrics methods such as face, fingerprint, iris and Retina, providing the highest level of security without the need for identifiers such as an ID or PIN. Our biometrics technology extract and uses more detailed information for accuracy. And, our identification is based on accurate match and is not threshold-based, entirely eliminating false-positives and ensuring the lowest number of/zero false-negatives.

This is an optimal solution for securing sensitive areas. Its ability to integrate with various communication and identification standards makes installation quick and easy. And, with its fast-paced registration process and ready acceptance of biometrics raw data from various sources, our solution meets customer demands for high security while retaining flexibility without security compromises.

The solution’s applicability ranges from building access and laptop security to identity cards and passports.

Strong access security, like ours, takes a layered approach using something you:

  • Know, such as your password or answers to challenge questions
  • Have, such as keycards, badges, or smartcards
  • Are, such as facial recognition, fingerprint, iris, or retina

While the first two work for many business uses, they do not offer the level of protection that may be achieved with biometric data and technology

Our Biometrics technology uses computerized methods to identify a person by their unique combination of physical or behavioral characteristics from features:

    1. Facial image
    2. Fingerprints
    3. Hand geometry
    4. Iris
    5. Retina
    6. Vein
    7. Voice

Biometrics Technology Solution boasts an impressive list of clients from both the government and corporate sectors. The solution is successfully installed in several government agencies and organizations.



Provides IT Infrastructure endurance during disasters

Any disaster, whether man-made or natural, can stop a business in its tracks. Having a plan for business continuity is critical to reduce the risk of downtime or lost business. Without it, recovery is costly as resources must refocus on rebuilding and restoring. And, there’s always the potential that mission-critical data is lost forever or that recovery time is so long, it results in unsustainable loss of revenue. Business Continuity System is a technology that provides a total business continuity solution for your ICT infrastructure, enabling complete redundancy. It’s perfect for government entities and corporations with high-volume, resource-intensive ICT Systems.

With efficient, automatic fail-over capability from the Primary Server to the Backup Server, in the event of a failure, the intelligent restoration service is carried out without human intervention.

Business Continuity System ensures that servers at Disaster Center is updated with near real-time data, which is especially beneficial for global operations with multiple locations.


    1. Secure, encrypted data transfer to and from Backup Server without performance degradation
    2. Intelligent monitoring handles all types of failures including network, hardware, software, and database
    3. Leverages existing IT databases for storage with intrusion detection to prevent unauthorized access
    4. Open technology that can run on any Operating Systems.
    5. Automatic notifications alert personnel in case of any type of system failure

Business Continuity System is the cost effective option when compared to solutions offered by data center providers and the cost to recover in-house. It is simple to set up and easy to maintain as the fail-over and recovery is fully automated. Business Continuity System can guarantee, subject to events outside its control, the business continuity goals of any organization, industry, or government.



Highly Secured Documents Manufacturing

As more and more people travel the globe, validating identity instantly with accuracy is the key. Manual and visual checks are fraught with potential errors and fraud, allowing unauthorized individuals, to cross borders.

Secured Document solution consists of Smart Chip Card, e-Visa Sticker with Chip and Electronic passports. These solution components are strictly proprietary to our partnership alliance.

All components of Secured Document solution, uses highly secured Smart Card infrastructure with the following features:

    1. High Security features and tamper-proof
    2. Cards can be reused
    3. Storage information – Fingerprint, Text, Image and Retina
    4. Cards have a long life span
    5. Cards can be traceable using a unique ID

We provide advanced solutions for the security of important and sensitive documents.

Our solution reduces fraud by verifying the integrity of the personal and biometric data contained on the embedded chip, in a secured way.

Key Security Features of the Smart Chip are:

    1. PKI-based access control for individual areas
    2. Multiple segments of data storage with individual access control
    3. Intrusion detection and auto lock mechanism
    4. 4096-bit encryption, including encrypted storage with unique keys and methods for every card
    5. Configurable frequencies with dynamic encryption
    6. Built-in frequency integrity checker to prevent snooping
    7. Access Restricted and Control of the Readers
    8. Secure printing controls during card creation
    9. Uses open standard communications coding
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