Live Video Streaming


Live Video Streaming

Realtime sharing of contents online has become the norm. Online social presence is enhanced with live event streaming with increasing time accuracy and quality demand. You can be where your audience is or better still, take the ideas, products or event to them. We can stream your events of whatever nature and importance they hold to you live to the global community at the most affordable rates to you.

Open air, meetings, symposium, parties, or sporting events can be relayed realtime to your global audience and customers. Goldgates Media Productions years of production experience has developed leading capabilities in Live Streaming or Webcast for all sphere of clients and community. Whether private or public organizations, churches or individuals, your ideas will hit the internet community with accuracy in time and quality in delivery.

You may also want to build a state-of-the-art system for your in-house event production that will meet the standards capable of projecting your image to the global community; our team of professionals will work with you to deliver a platform you can rely on any day. We will also supply support services that will keep on top of your game any time.

Put a call through NOW. Step into the new world of possibilities. Let us take you through processes of transmitting your ideas and innovations from designing a permanent streaming solution involving all equipment procurement and installation to the streaming of a one off event, or setting up the system and leading you into managing it yourself.

Give us a call or send us a mail for a discussion on how to take your contents to a whole new world of excitement and satisfaction.

We can help you create an online video content library that you can easily and instantly update and linked to any number of web distribution channels, including social media and blogs. This way, your online video library becomes an archive of content for communications, marketing and training for today and in the future.


Range of events covered

Sporting Events
National Events
Worship Events
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Our in-studio productions and live performances have taken a more professional leap forward after engaging Goldgates Media as our production consultants.

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