Multimedia Training

Goldgates Media Productions for several years have been on the improvement and enhancement of human capacity and resource development in the audio, video, multimedia and broadcast media through various training programmes. We handle various forms of symposia, workshops for individuals, organizations on flexible modes that suites our client’s schedules. We turn raw human materials into proficient technicians that take full control of their trade in matter of weeks.

Our partnership with professional training organizations offers qualitative service and guarantees efficiency in the field of human capacity development. We strive to match up our curriculum and training schedule with the current technological advancement in the relevant field of media and audio and video engineering.

Training modes comes in various packages like;

  • Basic Sound Production
  • Advance Sound Production
  • Digital Audio and Video Editing
  • Live Event Management
  • Camera Handling and Operations
  • Church Sound Production and Management
  • Recording and Production Studio Management
  • Security Trainings.
    And more.
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Our in-studio productions and live performances have taken a more professional leap forward after engaging Goldgates Media as our production consultants.

David Grants
Lead Minister, Recording Artiste

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