Security Training


Security Training


GOLDGATES MEDIA in-house professionals in partnership with their foreign counterparts engages in various levels of training for specific industry needs to private individuals, government agencies, corporate bodies and multi-national oil and gas organizations. Our resource persons have enormous years of experiences in every sphere of security service and operation.

The wealth of knowledge of our trainers span from years of experience in both the local, public, private and international security outfits. Most of our experts have long time management expertise in every sector of the military, Police, Navy and private security organizations.

We have a robust training programme content that covers every aspect of the field of security and safety. These contents have been developed to meet the requirements of the Security Industry Authority (SIA). It is based on the relevant specifications for learning and qualifications and provides the learner with the necessary knowledge and understanding to apply for license and work as a security professional within the Private Security Industry.

Security and safety trainings can be carried out at our local and partners international office facilities outside the country. Our management team will handle all travel and visa formalities with the respective countries involved at the request and cost of our clients.

    1. Close Protection
    2. Security Guarding
    3. Public Space Surveillance
    4. Basic Security Awareness Training
    5. Specialized Occupational Security Training
    6. HUMINT/Counter-Intelligence
    7. Counter-Terrorism/Domestic Security
    8. Counter-Insurgency

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